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Build Your Internet Presence Affordably

What’s Internet Presence?

Bring It On sung by Teresa James

It's registering the perfect domain name that expresses your business right at the top of your page.

It’s your website that reflects your integrity and vision;  designed so it’s easy to navigate for all your visitors-
•  first-time visitors determining what they need
•  visitors who know what they need and have chosen your company to do business with, becoming first-time customers                                                           
•  returning customers loyal to your brand, who want to see if the other products you offer satisfy their needs

It’s search engine optimization, link optimization and "pay per click" so your customers and potential customers can find you

It’s blogging and podcasting about your product

It’s email marketing which includes capturing information of those people who come to your site and managing that database

It’s a shopping cart with secure certificates and merchant account

It can even be creating an online social networking community for your customers (think myspace and facebook just for your customers/ congregation/members)

Even a short time ago as five years ago, you had to hire a webmaster guru to create the website and any updates had to go through your webmaster. The environment has changed dramatically and continues to get easier for any business to have the internet presence that is sufficient for what is needed now and scalable to expand as your business expands.

Nowadays, no matter how large or small your business or organization is, your customers and members EXPECT you to have internet presence.

Any business or organization can afford it here at BUILDNETPRESENCE!